Monday, May 31, 2010

Empty Handed

This morning I was browsing craig's list. Doesn't everyone just love browsing there sometimes? It has become sorta one of my "at-home" window shopping places. I just love to see the great deals and free stuff people get rid of. I have been able to get a few of the free items and good deals. Yesturday I was browsing the "wanted" section and found an ad for some poor guy actually asking for viagra pills! :O I was shocked, but had to chuckle!
Any who, I was browsing the free section when I saw a posting for free retail counters from a place that went out of business here. Wow! I can use those for the home daycare I am setting up! So I called and was told that she was meeting a few people in 30 mins to look at them. So I called my dad (he has a truck, I don't) to take me there and see if I can get any. But I was too late. :( As we were driving up, their loaded truck was driving away.
So I left empty handed. I am eager to get my daycare up and running, but on a limited budget it's hard. I just keep praying that this is the right thing for me to be doing and if it's meant to be, then God will provide a way. I just hate the waiting part!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life Changes, so does my blog!

Welcome to the new me. Well, sorta. I still have that weight to loose. I still haven't lived with my hubby for almost 3 years now and I still am raising to kids. My son, Carl is 9.5 yrs old with ADHD and is taking Concerta for it. My daughter, Mikayla just turned 7 and will probably be diagonised ADHD next fall. She shows almost all the signs for it!
If anyone has an ADHD child, I highly recommed the website, It is a wealth of information for people with ADHD of all ages, not just children. I have been finding it very helpful and I have just tapped into it!
I am not too much into formal introductions that are all rosey on the internet, so I hope that you don't mind that I just get right into it. I have been unemployed for almost 1.5 yrs. Nothing too exciting there, just about everyone has been touched by this or knows someone who has with this recession that our country has gone through. My unemployment checks have run out, and I have been getting by on child support and my first time ever on a new food stamp card, not called EBT. Like changing the name is going to make me feel better.
I have been looking for ways to make it work. Like cutting back even more, skipping that credit card payment and my parents helping me with my car loan. That's a blessing! I have had a calling for a long time that I have ignored and now am begining to answer since now I know what I am supposed to do with it. I have started the process of opening up a daycare in my home.
The way I figure it, with child support, applying for the Hope for Homeowners program (and hopefully getting approved!) and generating an income with a home daycare (which I will love doing), I shouldn't be on food stamps long.
Well, then my ex-husband called me and gave me a heads up, I guess he isn't a total ass. He informed me that his comapny may have to lay him off before the end of the summer. *shock* There goes my last income!
Now what? Since really trying to dedicate my life to God and do things as he would like me to, things have been in constant choas! I was warned by my good Christian friends that Satan may start to attack me at all angles and boy how this may happened!
Now I don't know if I will be able to do any of my plans. But God has a plan, right? I wish he would just tell me already! :)
All I can think of is he is pushing me to move to Costa Rica to live with my husband. I have been hung up and worried about how it will effect my children, their relationship with their dad, with my parents, etc. Now I have debt here, how do I just walk away from that? I know, I know, if it is meant to happen it will.
In the meantime I just gotta continue with my daycare plans and keep teaching my classes and whatever will be will be.
Ok, god, it's all yours!