Monday, May 31, 2010

Empty Handed

This morning I was browsing craig's list. Doesn't everyone just love browsing there sometimes? It has become sorta one of my "at-home" window shopping places. I just love to see the great deals and free stuff people get rid of. I have been able to get a few of the free items and good deals. Yesturday I was browsing the "wanted" section and found an ad for some poor guy actually asking for viagra pills! :O I was shocked, but had to chuckle!
Any who, I was browsing the free section when I saw a posting for free retail counters from a place that went out of business here. Wow! I can use those for the home daycare I am setting up! So I called and was told that she was meeting a few people in 30 mins to look at them. So I called my dad (he has a truck, I don't) to take me there and see if I can get any. But I was too late. :( As we were driving up, their loaded truck was driving away.
So I left empty handed. I am eager to get my daycare up and running, but on a limited budget it's hard. I just keep praying that this is the right thing for me to be doing and if it's meant to be, then God will provide a way. I just hate the waiting part!

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