Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I know....

 I am not the best blogger in the world. I am not one that is able to post on a blog all the time, but I like to keep something up sometimes.
I am watching one little girl with my daycare and working on the first routine for the church's dance/flag group. I think it's going to be awesome and I can't wait to get started! I believe I will be starting with a group of about 6 kids. So exciting!
I am just continuing to allow the lord to lead me where he wants me to go.......

Sunday, June 12, 2011

God has Given Me A Job...or two

I had a great day at church this morning. And not just because the kids left for their dad's yesterday. I truly believe when you listen and obey god good things will happen. Maybe not all the time and it doesn't guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen, but I do believe good things can and do happen.
I love my bible study class. I love Mrs. Shirley...so is such a wonderful, loving Christian lady. She is the one is our teacher, but I think of her as more of a bible study partner, helping to guide us in the right path. I love reading and discussing a new chapter that we read each week. Mrs, Shirley is also the reason why I have grown closer to god, she was put into my life to for a reason and I am eternally grateful for her.
After bible study, we head to the fellowship hall as we normally do and have refreshments and chat. This morning as I was checking out some wonderful materials that Mrs. Sharon brought back from conference, I couldn't help but overhear her talking with another member of our church about google key words and rankings. I don't claim to be a web-pro or anything, but I have picked up some tips through the last few years. I couldn't help myself, I included a tidbit about social media to the conversation. Mrs. Sharon thought it was a wonderful idea and asked me to create a page and get it started. Of course, since I enjoy this stuff, I gladly accepted. Yup, god, I am listening and obeying! Our church now has its own facebook page!
As I continued to go through all the wonderful information on the table, there was information about doing a pumpkin patch, sponsored with our church. I have been wanting to see one of these in Hawthorne for a few years! I thought it was great. Off to Mrs. Sharon I go again. She loves the idea, which is why she grabbed the information. So now I am helping with getting a pumpkin patch in the fall. What a great way to bring the community to our little church...the programs that can be done also with the local school and day cares. Awesome!!
After service....here comes Mrs. Sharon again. Oh boy.....god is really trusting me to do his will! I am excited and a bit scared at the same time. I really hope I can live up to his name!
She relayed a little story to me. She said as she was driving back from conference, she felt god speaking to her. She said she heard him tell her to help get something for the kids, an interpretive dance with flags. Something that will keep them engaged and learning about god and Jesus. She heard my name since I am a former flag/guard in high school. She just knew it was god speaking to her. Of course I said yes....she asked me to get something going for a back to school in August. I have a deadline and so much to do!!

WOW! God is Good!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mom, can you please loose some weight?

My son, I love him more than life. Since he has entered the first grade, he has started to notice different body types. Short, tall, fat, skinny, kinda fat, black, white, brown, etc. Upon noticing these body types, he has very matter-of-factly let me know that I am fat. He is never rude about it and doesn't mean any offense, he has merely stated the obvious.
He just completed the 5th grade and has been asking me for the last 5 years to loose some weight, that he wants a skinny mom. I have found it endearing and thoughtful. I think part of it is he has also noticed that skinny is more socially acceptable and he just wants his mom to "fit in" more. He doesn't realized that I am just not a social butterfly and I prefer not to be in huge crowds and big parties. I like small groups of friends to really get to know a few special people.
We have discussed why he is asking me to loose weight and he just says that I should be skinnier. I think he is reluctant to tell me if he does know or maybe he doesn't really know why. But he continues to ask me in earnest concern for me. (and maybe him too, who knows....)
Today I took him to his dad. His dad lives 4 hours away and we meet in the middle. Halfway there, he starts talking about my weight again.
"Mom, can you please loose some weight?" He doesn't know that I am about 100lbs overweight. Ok, clinical obese. (Yucky sounding!)
He doesn't know, either, that loosing weight has been on my mind in a more serious way for almost a month or that I have already been working towards changing my thinking an attitude towards food. Fast food is starting to taste blah to me. We stopped at Micky Dee's for a quick lunch on the way there today and the hamburger meal tasted to bland. I didn't even finish it. Maybe it's the summer, but I have been craving salads and free fruits/veggies lately.
"Mom," he continues, "You can loose just 20lbs. Can you do that this summer? While we are gone, can you loose just 20lbs?"
OMGosh! I think my heart is melting right out of my chest. I think I have the best 10 yr old son in the whole world! I am driving and thinking.....he is compromising with me, not to loose everything over night, but just some. To just make an effort. He made a bargain I could not refuse....I told him that I would do my best. I meant every word.
I have a goal.....to loose 3-4lbs each week. For my son....for my family.....most importantly, for me.
I will be posting each day as much as I can remember to help myself stay on track. I don't know who is out there reading, but any encourage will be appreciated!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Really Neglected

I have neglected this blog for about year. It's just been really crazy! Life never stops, but I am here to vent. I am almost all alone. Not in the sense that I live by myself, but in the sense that I don't have someone here that I am in constant contact with and is 100% here for me everyday.
I love my husband, I really do, but we have been living apart for almost 5 years and haven't seen each other in person for 3 years. It's extremely hard. We will have our 6 year anniversary in Sept. this year. The last 10 years I have felt lonely except for one, that was the one year that Ricardo and I was actually able to live together in the same house.
I am on my own. I have to take care of kids, pay the bills, work to make sure an income is coming in, struggle, etc...on my own. It's hard and without someone to really, I mean really talk to and to really share this with, I get lonely. There isn't money to go out for a day trip, even going to the store has to be limited.
Ricardo is still living in Costa Rica. He got bitten by a mosquito at work and got derange fever. He will be out of work for at least a week. Yesterday he had to go to the doctor for another treatment. While he was there it rained...alot. If you know the rains in Costa Rica, you know that it can rain enough to close roads. After all it is part of the rain forest. Anyways, he got stuck in the rain at the doctors last night and had to stay there. He texted me through his cell phone which is connected to facebook and mine cell phone is also connected to facebook.
I haven't heard from him since last night. I figured he got home and was tired or not feeling well so I didn't attempt to contact him. I didn't feel anything bad had happened.I figured he would contact me when he was feeling better and if he had internet. (The internet isn't really reliable there all the time)
We he contacted me in the early evening today and told me he felt bad because I didn't attempt to contact him and that he feels alone even though there are people (family) around him. I apologized since this was not my intention, but I also thought to myself "And I don't feel lonely?!" I didn't say that out loud, but I wanted to scream it at him. I know it would not do any good so I didn't. I kept it to myself. Now I feel like crying, only I won't. I still have kids to get in bed and take care of and I don't need to them feeling bad because of me.
I just lost my temp job of 6 months and just got the last paycheck from that job. I have been spending some off hours and working towards opening up a home business. I am ready to open and have been getting the details finished, marketing, etc. I spent most of my day doing this, taking breaks as needed. I feel like I am working my tail off and still haven't made any money, but I have one client, just not a paying one yet. They are contracted to start next week.
Then to top it all off, my ex-husband is switching jobs (with a cut in pay) and my child support is having to be redone. So I have no idea when it will start up again, I hope that it will be sooner than later! I need to pay bills, but at least it's still the beginning of June.  This economy sucks!!