Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yea! For School Unfiroms!

The school district in which I live in has been debating school uniforms for years. It has recently taken a hot seat again because of some publicized events that happened. In the area that I live, we have a radical church that most people are not tolerant of. There were a few days in which the children that attend that church wore t-shirts that said "Islam is the devil" and when the schools asked them to change their shirts, they filed a lawsuit stating that is infringed on their rights. There has also be a few other incendents, but this one comes to my mind the most.
Last night our school board voted on distric wide uniforms and it was approved in a vote of 3-2! I for one and in favor of it and am happy with the vote. My children are in elementary school and I think it will help in the long run.
I have also been to Costa Rica a few times and have in-laws that live there. I see the social classes mixing more in school and learning from each other. Sure, they will still know who has the money and who doesn't, but when they are all dressed in uniforms, it gives an outward apprearnce of being on the "same play field" just like when they play together in sports and other activities.
School shopping will be easier for me this year!!

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