Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Crazy Weekend

This weekend was busy, well sorta. :) Every Friday night in our house is family night. The kids look forward to it each week. We put a pizza in the oven and plug in a movie or compete against each other in the Wii. Sometimes both if the movie isn't cooperating.
Saturday we went to the thirft store. I love browsing 2nd hand just never know what you are going to find. This week I found some really pretty wooden word cut outs. One says "grace" and the other says "love"
This won't be their final resting place, but I really like them!

Saturday we went to my little cousin's birthday party. She turned 7 years old. It was held at Camp Good News, a camp facility where there is a play ground, lake, water slid that goes into the lake and more. Mikayla jumped out of the car and was taking off her dress to reveal her swimming suit, dropped her towel and was down at the water before I could even get our things half way to the picnic tables! She was a dried up mermaid itching to get wet! The bad part is I wasn't able to get her sunscreen on before she made it to the water. So she got a little red. I will have to know next time to apply her sunscreen before we leave the house.
The kids and I had a great time going down the slide all together and seperately. We swam out to the floating dock and jumped off.

Sunday was a glorious day! My kids got baptisted at church!

I soooo was happy for this. They completely profess that Jesus is the saviour. I don't think quite understand the symbolisim for the baptism, but they understand the rest. Mikayla really believes that God and Jesus hears her and she can talk with them. How awesome is that?! And she is only 7. Carl also believes, I don't hear him pray in the way that Mikayla does, but connects in his own way. They both were excited about being baptisted and thought the experience was fun and great.

Next weekend we are going blueberry picking and then they go to their dad's for their summer visit with him. One more week of school here!

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