Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to My son!

Tomorrow the kids go to their's dad's house for the summer. But for today, we spend a nice relaxing day celebrating my Carl's birthday! I can't believe that he is turning 10. That makes me a 10 year survivor of PPCM, or in layman's terms, pregnancy induce heart failure.
He decided that he wanted to go see the new Karate Kid movie, which was an awesome movie! I am always worried about remakes just because they are never as good as the orginials, but they did an AWESOME job on it. Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith was awesome! Jaden is a great little actor and in some ways remind me of how his father, Will Smith acts. I give the movie an A+!
My son was thrilled with getting the next copy of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". He now has 5 books in the series and all he is lacking in the last one, "The Movie Diary" My mom got him a new Wii game, which he is playing right now. After a long match (because we failed to get a birthday candle) in his ice cream along with singing Happy Birthday, he was one happy kid.

We also spent the morning blueberry picking and ended up with 5lbs of delicious blueberries. The kids enjoy picking them more than eating them, but I think Carl is finally coming around to liking them in small portions.

And of course I can't forget about Mikayla....she made the honor roll the last quarter of the school year! Yeah!! She is now going to 2nd grade!

They grow wwwaaaayyyyy too fast!

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