Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breaking Down for God

I took my kids to their dad's for the summer Sunday afternoon. My gas tank was low and I figured since I had 2 lines above E, it would make it to the next neighboring town over to fill it up. Gas is a bit cheaper over there and it's only 20 minutes away. Boy, was I wrong! 5 minutes before I get to the gas station and right before the city limits sign, my car starts "coughing" and slows down to shut off! I pull over to the side ofthe road and start saying outloud, " no, no, no, this can't be happening!" But of course it can be happening, that is the is the logical part of my brain talking. I kindly tell it to "shut up" and start to wonder what do to.
I could call my dad, but he would be extrememly upset with my lack of planning and paying attention to my gas gage. This has happened before. He is a huge stickler for fill up at a quarter of a tank. He would also charge me more to "teach me a lesson". Ugh, aren't dad's great? Plus there is the well known lecture of "I am going to burn up my fuel injector" again and spend a few hundred dollars replacing it again. Don't get me wrong, my dad loves me and is always supportive, but he has his hang ups, taking care of cars is one of them.
I roll the windows down and place my head on the steering wheel as I think about my situation that I have placed myself into. The kids are in the back seat talking and asking me questions that I don't want to answer. I pray for an answer. I hear a whisper. "Get out and pop the hood to appear broke down". So I did that.
Now what?
I walk over to the side of the car that is against the ditch and place my head down on my open window and continue to pray. "Dear god, please help me get out of this. I dont want to call my dad. I know this is my fault. I should have put gas in the tank before I left town. Please help" I keep praying these words and within minutes my prayers were answered!
A guy with 3 little ones in the back seat pulled up and asked me what was wrong. He was driving a beat up car with 2 doors and the cutest 3 little dirty kids I have ever seen in my life! They had clearly been playing in the dirt all day having a good time :-)
He made a phone call and came to my rescue. He offered to drive me and my kids to get the gas I needed. Only problem? We would have to put 5 kids in the back seat. I momentarily freaked. This is something I never do and I wondered if he had enough seatbets, etc. God must have put a hand my shoulder, because I agreed and felt ok with it. Anyone who knows me knows this is waaayyyy out of character for me.
So we all get into his car and go on our way. After a trip to his brothers and to the gas station my problem was solved. After offereing to pay him, which he refused to accept, I drove off to the nearest gas station thinking to myself "I wonder if he realized he was doing God's work"

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